Get your car for road test  from us.If you need a car for road test in Queens,Brooklyn,Bronx,Staten island? call us today.

    On the road test day I have to be your office address at least 70 minutes before my road test timemust have my 5 hour certificate and valid learner permit card with me

    Before going to the road test every student should practice enough. Even though you have a long time driving experienced still you should take lesson with any driving school instructor and make sure you are ready. Remember if you had a driving experience outside of New York or anywhere in the world then you might need couple of hours driving practice before road test. we highly recommend before road test booked a lesson with any driving school instructor and asked them if you need more practice or not. DRIVING BY YOURSELF OR DRIVING WITH FRIENDS IS NOT THE SAME DRIVING WITH PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR AND ROAD TEST in NEW YORK CITY. thanks for understanding

    When You Arrive for Your Road Test

    When you come car for road test, You must bring 5-hour certificate or driver education certificate and your photo learner permit.If you have an interim learner permit without a photo,you must also show a New York state photo driver license or a New York state non driver id documents from other state are not acceptable.If you are under age 18 you must also bring a completed certification of supervised driving(MV-262),signed by parent or guardian.


    If you do not have all required items,you will not be given a road test.

    On the road test day if you are late or fail to appear for your road test then your test will be cancelled .You must schedule another appointment and you will not receive any preference for an earlier appointment than other applicants.It is also important to know that can not drive in a road test area,except when you take the road test.

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